Bone Thugs and Cattitude

Stayed up late last night listening to pop music and painting cups. Nothing too detailed but I had a lot of fun drawing these. Our kitchen had a healthy dose of disco glitter but not nearly enough Halloween. Skulls and superstition FOREVA!

Witch kitsch! I always thought it was a shame to see attitude quotes on t-shirts but never on tea cups. Sure, you might see ‘pimp’ written on a flask or party goblet, but there’s a dearth of bitchiness when it comes to daytime drinks.

Quick note: I tried the Vitrea glass paint first but it went on too light and glossy so I defaulted to my tried and true Pebeo Porcelain markers. I bet the Vitreas would work well for a stained-glass look but I like my outlines black and opaque.

And a quick note on tinsel: Yes, I know it’s a serious danger to cats… I’ve struck a compromise between my tacky aesthetic and Schnitzel’s safety: it stays up through my birthday, but cut short, well out of his reach. Our poor boy is taunted non-stop by these silver strands but, eh, it’s ooonly for a few weeks.

15 thoughts on “Bone Thugs and Cattitude

  1. hihi! I love the teacup! Makes me want to do the same thing on a coffee cup:)

    You know, Steph! Sometimes I google translate my posts, just so that I can see what it looks like, and that last one seems utterly confusing. Ill try to remember to translate my posts for you, haha. ;)

    Hehe, I made some funny charackter the other day, and the space-goldfish was one of them! Lighter days makes me wanna decorate and make everything pretty:) and as always, thnks for commenting!

    • I bet your cups would be really cute!

      Ha, yeah. The wording definitely comes out a little funny through Google translator and there are a couple words it can’t get but no need to translate just for me! I started reading a few blogs in other languages to motivate myself to learn other languages. Um, I haven’t been too successful with that but maybe one day… At any rate, I always enjoy your illustrations.

      PS: Thanks for linking The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore awhile back. I was glad it won an oscar last night!

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