Late Night Noshing

Stumbled up the hill last night for a very late meal at Skillet. (Why is late night food always extra-delicious?) Lots of nerd banter over dinner… as evidenced by this Facebook brag: “Tonight, I got to school someone on the difference between an Intrepid Class ship, and a Galaxy Class.” Ah, you innocently ask what defines a shrimp as ‘jumbo’ and this is where the conversation goes…

Eric: spicy shrimp creole and eggs over cheesy grits. Definitely going to order this next time.

Aiden: veggie burger of farro, shiitake, and oyster mushroom with pickled beets and greens. (I stole most of his french fries.)

Dean’s Evil Twin: ‘ultimate grilled cheese’ with brie, cheddar, and bacon jam on brioche toast. (I may have stolen some of his fries too.)

Me: cornmeal waffle with maple braised pork belly and poached eggs. I ended up drowning everything in the cinnamon syrup. Omigodomigod- perfection in a dish!

Also worth noting the decor which is nice and minimal. One wall of skillets, two strings of soft, globe lights. The booths and bar stools are the prettiest mint green. The staff uniform is ‘plaid shirt’- incidentally, this is also the unofficial dress code of most patrons, Eric and Dean included. ;)

15 thoughts on “Late Night Noshing

  1. Please adopt me so I can come and live with you in Amercia and eat food like this! I’m very tidy, you’ll barely notice me.

    As I’m sure your English bouyfriend has told you before, grits are something we cannot comprehend and have pretty much no equivalent of!

    • No grits?! You guys are definitely missing out- they are the base for so many great meals. Seattle’s not known as a premier food destination but if you’re ever in the area, lemme know so we can eat out! …On the other hand, I really love England’s pasties, takeaway kebabs, and miscellaneous fried goodies. The world is awfully delicious. :)

    • Eh, I bet you guys have a lot of tasty treats though. I’d love to do a world tour to try out a ton of regional candy and baked goods!

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