February Wrap-Up

Some happy odds and ends: fancy foam lattes and cute dogs at Bauhaus, eating too many Cupcake Royale deathcakes, my taco purse, Persepolis at Britpop dance night?!, SoDo mural wall by the Goodwill Bins, pretty lights at the bar, Kristy got me a Jonathan Creek mug!, cat breading, double date tapas with Gavin and Heather, […]

The Prettiest Pest of the West

Holy shit, there’s a tumbleweed in my living room! This beauty was sent to me all the way from Colorado as an early wedding present from my wonderful friend Megan (along with some mustache band-aids and a heartfelt card). I couldn’t help but smile when I saw it! This is, hands down, the best thing […]

Cozy Valentine

Dean and I are enjoying a quiet night in. Chilling in pajamas and making heart-shaped pizzas (our aphrodisiac of choice). Dean’s pizza: bacon, salami, mushrooms. My pizza: olives, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, spinach. Mmmmmmm. Extra happiness: Washington legalized gay marriage on Monday! It’s so cool that both of my home states (the other being New York) […]

Meanwhile at the Office…

At lunchtime, Eric found a freak baby carrot that looked like it had two little legs. Eating this creature was out of the question so the boys gave it a head and arms. Now he hangs out (harhar) with Snorlax. My other coworker, Martin, says that if you plant carrots in harder soil, they’ll often […]

Britpop Dance Night

Photostrips from the Lo-Fi photobooth (one of these days I will drag Dean along!): This past Thursday, both rooms were open in celebration of the DJ’s birthday. The organ lounge spun records by Roxy Music, Blondie, and T-Rex. The discoball room played Pulp, Blur, and Le Tigre. Not strictly Britpop, but strictly AWESOME. It’s the […]

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

“…After Leonard (like every guy) had immediately fallen asleep, leaving her to lie awake stroking his head and vaguely hoping she didn’t get a urinary tract infection, Madeleine asked herself if the fact that she’d just spent the whole night worrying wasn’t, in fact, a surefire sign that she was falling in love.” Nervously, saying […]