Quick Note

Oh hey- it’s the end of January which means I’ve officially had this blog for a year. Heck yeah!

I feel silly even mentioning it but I’ve decided to be looser with posts. I found myself worrying that I’d offend someone by sharing something off-color (who? I dunno. It’s a nutso concern) and the tone got a little too stiff. Anyway, I hope I don’t alienate potential friends with the occasional dirty joke or sweary rant. :/

4 thoughts on “Quick Note

  1. I have family that follow my blog and sometimes I wish I’d remained anonymous…I’d be a lot funnier!

    Happy one year!

    • I think my mom’s the only family member who checks in here and, luckily, she’s no stranger to some light cursing or blue humor…. I was being careful for no good reason!
      I like your blogging-style. :)


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