Gemsbok at the Victory

On Sunday, we caught Gemsbok’s first show!

That’s Ajax singing- this was his birthday party btw- and that’s our friend Ian on guitar. The band played unbelievably well together and I’m pretty sure everyone there had a great time. (Haha, I had my earplugs in like a dweeb. It was even louder and more intense than it looks)

Double header birthday! Jacq’s shoes, Ajax mid-song. Then a more conventional photo of the birthday duo.

The usual suspects plus a couple of my co-workers and some of Ian’s family. :)

Dean and I after a few drinks. We grabbed a late dinner at Lunchbox Laboratory where we split a burger and chips. I ordered a decadent and boozy milkshake called the Drunken Elvis. It was the ideal topper for the night and I stumbled home feelin’ like the king.

2 thoughts on “Gemsbok at the Victory

  1. Earplugs are sensible! And actually they make you look even more rock and roll, because they imply that you go to so many gigs that regular human ears just wouldn’t be able to cope with the noise levels. There is nothing cool about hearing loss!

    That burger looks divine.

    • Yeah, I went earplug-less for way too long and now have to wear earplugs to avoid more damage! It’s nice though- I walk away from most shows with happy, non-ringing ears.

      Let me know if you’re ever in Seattle. I have burger recommendations up the wazoo!

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