The Tony Millionaire Portrait Show

A few phone snapshots from Saturday’s book signing party in Georgetown:

Tony Millionaire is one of the few cartoonists whose real life presence is actually larger and more colorful than you’d imagine. Each time I’ve seen him he’s worn a suit and drunk heroic amounts of beer (you can usually spot a few cans under the table). He’s one of my faves. :)

Some amazing, original portraits. Happy belated Birthday, Elvis.

A Millionaire contribution to Ian’s impressive Animal sketchbook. Aaand the cutest pooch I’ve ever seen- proof that only the classiest ladies were in attendance.

Other non-photographed highlights: Gavin’s Cheshire Cat sketchbook, a brief cameo by Charles Burns, and a showing of ‘Everybody Loves Drinky Crow’ which is extra-fun to see on a big(ger than usual) screen with Lynn cheering, ‘Go for it, Drinky!’

2 thoughts on “The Tony Millionaire Portrait Show

  1. This book is a crock of shit. Any one of my drawing or design students can take a number of photos from magazines, etc. and create better pen & ink drawings in a flash!

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