New and Newsworthy (to me)

Kim Jong-il died: weeks ago… but I’m still morbidly fascinated with him. Nate put it best when he said Kim Jong-il was a real-life Bond villain. These stories from his former chef shocked me and the Vice guide to North Korea depressed me.
Air Balloon Tragedy: 11 are burned alive as a balloon is engulfed in flames. :(
Rick Santorum: may have won Iowa’s Republican caucuses but he will always be the frothy mix.
All Those Bad Boobs: will be fixed for free. Phew!

Lion around: the sweetest domestic lion photographed in a 1970s Life magazine feature
If it fits, he sits: Maru loves boxes!
Card Killing Cat: haha, I love this! And to be fair, those singing cards deserve to be mauled.
Domestic zoo cat and baby deer say ‘hello’ and take a nap:

Happy Weekend!

2 thoughts on “New and Newsworthy (to me)

  1. Oh you’re sweet! Thanks for the music tip, I have never heard Little Dragon before, but oh how I like it!
    also, I enjoy these posts! The animal news always make me smile!

    • I’m glad you like Little Dragon- I highly recommend catching a live show if you get the chance!

      Thanks! Cute animals always make me smile too. :)

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