New Year’s To-Dos

The last few months of 2011 were kinda tough for me. Dean is still sick so we skipped the parties and spent a quiet New Year’s Eve loafing around in pajamas, watching the first series of Luther, and barely staying awake for the midnight fireworks. Today, January 1st, we both felt a lot better and went out on our first date of the year (burgers and Sherlock Holmes). It was perfect.

Maybe it’s silly, but I appreciate having an official day to ‘re-set/re-organize’. I filled the first page of my Hedy Lamarr agenda book with 50 to-do’s for 2012. I’m too embarrassed to share most of them publicly but here are a few:

1. Plan wedding and get married (We’re tying the knot in August!)
2. Design and paint a new glassware set (or two)
3. Illustrate a movie character alphabet
4. Get a Washington State ID
5. Read 15 new prose novels
6. Decorate the apartment
7. See a movie by myself
8. Take a trapeze class
9. Finish the gd myth zine
10. Study the names, dates, and achievements of US Presidents (a stumbling block in pub trivia)
11. Memorize basic travel phrases in German, Norwegian, French, and Welsh
12. Plan out meals beyond PB&J or Ramen (I’m horrible about this)
13. Lie to myself that exercising is fun until I believe it

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to 2012 and best of luck if you have any goals of your own!

11 thoughts on “New Year’s To-Dos

  1. I just realized that PB&J no longer means peanut butter & jelly for me. I read it and thought you were referring to Swedish hipsters, Peter Bjorn & John.

  2. Plan out meals beyond PB&J or Ramen (I’m horrible about this)

    This has been on my resolutions list for about 20 years. Still have not accomplished it. i hate it when people ask me “what do you eat?” which they often do, because I’m gluten-intolerant. The answer is soooo embarrassing.

    • I can’t imagine how challenging that must be for you! For what it’s worth, one of the best cakes I’ve ever had was gluten free for a co-worker. I guess after he was diagnosed and switched his diet, he said, ‘It’s funny, I don’t feel sick all the time anymore.’

      Good luck to us!

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