Quick Note

Oh hey- it’s the end of January which means I’ve officially had this blog for a year. Heck yeah! I feel silly even mentioning it but I’ve decided to be looser with posts. I found myself worrying that I’d offend someone by sharing something off-color (who? I dunno. It’s a nutso concern) and the tone […]

Party Recap

A trio of parties from this past month: Jeremy’s birthday: video games, whipped cream vodka, pizza, and cupcakes! Company party: sort of a belated holiday party, conveniently in my apartment building. It was so great to see everyone outside of the office with their families. The following morning, I feasted like a king on cold […]

New and Newsworthy (to me)

I consider the Republican presidential primaries a guilty pleasure so apart from that… •Colton Harris-Moore, the Barefoot Bandit: gets six years in jail. Yep, still fascinated by this guy. •Art Theives Mocked: for stealing two pieces valued at $1,400 combined. At least they got practice entering via skylight. •Sea-Tac Tunes: From now on, “Overhead safety […]

The Big Yawn

Schnitzel’s sleepy face is the only time he looks kind of ferocious. I may have already posted these but they are too cute. I love the little freckle on the roof of his mouth. Best napping buddy ever.

New and Newsworthy (to me)

The cold weather this week triggered my hibernation mode. Most businesses were closed so I’d trudge home from work, stay in and conk out early. Boring, but nice and restful. •Snowmageddon: I don’t think Seattlites are snow wimps, I think the city plans poorly. Roads were a mess and cars/buses broke down. Yesterday a lot […]

Gemsbok at the Victory

On Sunday, we caught Gemsbok’s first show! That’s Ajax singing- this was his birthday party btw- and that’s our friend Ian on guitar. The band played unbelievably well together and I’m pretty sure everyone there had a great time. (Haha, I had my earplugs in like a dweeb. It was even louder and more intense […]

New and Newsworthy (to me)

•Stricken Cruise Ship: near the Italian island of Giglio. At least three dead and a dozen injured. •Freedom!: for 600+ political prisoners in Burma. •Drunken Miracle: An inebriated woman drove the wrong way for 17 miles on I-5 and miraculously didn’t kill anybody. She was going up to 100 miles per hour. Ugh. •H is […]

Mother Nature’s Bitchin’ Hues

When Ian and I got off work today the sky was NEON PINK (and purple and gold and Parrish blue). It’s one of the most vivid sunsets I have ever witnessed in Seattle or anywhere. And yeah, I’m sucker for pretty sunsets in general but this one was off-the-charts! Ian was so impressed, he had […]