Y is for Yojimbo, Z is for Zissou

First (errr last, really) two letters of my movie alphabet:

I thought this would be a good project for a few reasons. Mostly, Dean gave me watercolors and a drawing tablet (months ago) which I rarely use. But also, it gives me an excuse to watch an indecent amount of movies through the winter. :)

There’s already a primo Z-A out there so even though I came up with the idear independently, it seemed rude to have too much overlap. I couldn’t think of a better Z though…

4 thoughts on “Y is for Yojimbo, Z is for Zissou

  1. love this idea!

    I cant believe you understand my posts? (even in google translator norwegian becomes messed up!) But thanks for the kind words, I am already feeling much better:)

    I love the new design here, its so pretty and cool. love the details on the side ->

    • thanksthanks!

      I do use google translator and I’m certain I miss a lot.. but I like your blog for its creativity and warmth. I hope I don’t slip up one day and say something completely mis-translated!

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