New and Newsworthy (to me)

December really snuck up on me this year…

Job seekers lured to death: through a Craigslist employment ad. Police have not ruled out that the motive may have simply been the desire to kill. Shudder.
Teaming up: Hillary Clinton and Aung San Suu Kyi have made a public vow to work together on Burma’s path to democracy.
Life on Mars?: It’s currently being assessed by NASA with a multi-year mission.
Frosty phenomenon: ‘brinicles’ that can form, creep down to the sea floor, and kill life down there- it’s like nature’s own Mr. Freeze. ‘The icicle of death’

Mustache Cat: That is one impressive ‘stache! She was presumed male by her owners for years until she became pregnant.
Bizzle the dog gets dunkers. Haha, I laughed myself into a bellyache.

3 thoughts on “New and Newsworthy (to me)

  1. Oh my god, the brinicle! Run, little starfish, run! Hypnotic and terrifying.

    Oh yeah, and death-by-job-advert? The creepiest thing I think I’ve heard all year. I’m so glad you always give us cute animal pictures to alleviate the horror of the news!

    • I know, it’s a spooky thing to watch but kind of morbidly beautiful and cinematic.

      The latest Craigslist killer is unbelievably creepy! You know, my very favorite blogs have strictly positive content and rarely touch upon current events. I’m such a news geek though that I can’t help throwing in some of the weirder stories. I do try not to get political on here though lest I spark an argument with family. :) Cute animals definitely help balance the news out!

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