My 2011 Reads

This has been one of those rare years where I enjoyed almost every book I read. Here are a few favorites with the shortest summaries I could manage. ♥ Top Three Novels ♥ 1. Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami: For some crazy reason, I’d never read Murakami before this year. After finishing a collection of […]

Tis the Season for the Cheeses

Our Second Annual Cheese Christmas was a great success. A bunch of us, too far from family, spent the day together to eat cheese and play board games. Everyone had a good time and made a fuss over Schnitzel (who always steals the show at our parties). Some of our delicious fare: Ladysmith and Mimolette […]

New and Newsworthy (to me)

•Christopher Hitchens: free-thinking writer dies at 62. He will be missed. •Joe Simon: comics legend dies at 98. •Colton Harris-Moore aka the Barefoot Bandit: pleads guilty. I hope he becomes a pilot when he gets out. •Deserves better: An Afghan woman sentenced to 12 years for ‘adultery’ after reporting rape is finally freed after two […]

Tales from the Bins

When you find something awesome at the Goodwill Outlet it feels like you’ve found buried treasure. Some bins won’t have anything you want but when you find something, you know it will cost mere cents- most items are priced at 49 cents a pound. I like to think of it as a big, unpredictable rummage […]

Sunday Sunset

A pretty, golden sunset as seen from our living room window. That glittery bit in the lower left is the Downtown Macy’s star. Dean and I will never get over our fancy, ‘city’ view. Even on a foggy day, we get a smoky outline of the sound and the mountains. :)

New and Newsworthy (to me)

•Total Lunar Eclipse: tonight! Fingers crossed for clear, dark skies! This is the last one until 2014. •Seattle’s first skyscraper: is 70% vacant and has been placed under the control of a receiver. Is that gorgeous apartment building still at the top? •Hillary Clinton: ‘Gay rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are gay rights’ […]