La Conquête du Monde

Nothing says fun like attacking your friends in a 6 hour game of Risk! Talk about a test in geek mettle.

Our early on set-up. It’s hard to see but my black armies are in the back with one hell of a stronghold in Australia.

A ‘real time’ look at our defeats and Nate’s triumphant victory! Haha, the depleting sunlight is a good marker of time.

Some of the Risk puns made:
I: It’s time to take… RISKS! I want to have a Risk game at my place next weekend.
G: This sounds like a perfect time to occupy your territory.
E: Euphrates cats are gonna run for the border.
G: I guess I’ll see Ural then.
I: I can’t wait to blast you with my cannon.
Ah, my favorite puns are the dirty ones but in consideration of any delicate/tasteful readers, I will refrain from repeating what I thought of. Same with the boys’ politically incorrect jokes- though they made me laugh and laugh.

3 thoughts on “La Conquête du Monde

  1. I am useless at Risk! I just can’t bear abandon ANY territory, no matter how small and un-strategically-useful it may be! i feel sorry for my guys, you know? They’ve been there, on the front line, slogging away, I can’t just break their hearts and order them to retreat!

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