Success in the Sequin Jungle

The Goodwill Glitter Sale knocked my gd socks off! For anyone unfamiliar, the Glitter Sale is a year’s worth of Seattle’s donated formal wear. Shoppers go mad for the glitz and it’s an excellent way to support Goodwill (all proceeds from the sale go to their job training programs). This year there were about 30,000 items: sparkly party frocks, shoes, handbags, and big ol’ hats. My only advice is to brace yourself for the line. I waited for almost FOUR HOURS and am grateful I packed a book to read, a book to doodle in, and a light snack.

My magpie sensibilities were overwhelmed. This is the jackpot for ‘shiny things’ enthusiasts.

I skipped the featured designer items and made a beeline for the vintage. Good move. It was less crowded and had everything from ruffly nighties to blue shearling coats. So many pretty pieces!

The Big News: I found my wedding dress! I don’t think Dean reads this but just in case, I’m only posting a detail shot. You’ll have to trust me that it’s supremely beautiful. It’s kinda tacky to share the price but, holy shit, it was less than $10! Same for the little pillbox hat! Aaand they’re both in good condition- heck yeah!

I’d love to hear about other fun, themed thrift sales out there. ;)

2 thoughts on “Success in the Sequin Jungle

  1. Wow, that sounds amazing! And congratulations on your dress, too. I am always telling people how little I paid for things, it’s like reverse-snobbery but I can’t help it! Do you have a date set for your wedding?

    • ‘Reverse-snobbery’- I love that! Yes! We’re having two weddings in mid-August. One with my family in Upstate NY, one with Dean’s family in North London. :)

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