Trentemøller at the Showbox

Where we were last Tuesday:

Anders Trentemøller

Josephine Philip and Mikael Simpson

I had the best time! Trentemøller songs are really special- there’s quite a range in mood from track to track but somehow it all feels right in the same set. Dark, minimal numbers transition seamlessly into layered, dramatic ones. They ended the night with the insanely catchy, ‘Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!‘ and I just about exploded from dance-y happiness. The female singers have gorgeous voices that fill up your whole head. The band played with sooo much energy. I really dug the theatrics of the show too- orange jail bars (rising and falling), shadowy screens, crazy light projections. Awesome.

A stranger ran up to us on the walk home to say, “You guys were at that show right? It fucking owned!” I gave him a hearty nod of agreement before turning to poor Dean who looked cold and tired. Haha, sometimes I forget Dean is NOT a big fan of live music- it really makes me extra appreciative of his willingness to come regardless. Here’s hoping I can drag him out a few more times this year. :)

Highly recommended:

Here’s the Vimeo link if you can’t play the one above.

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