Bonfire Night, Bedlam Morning

Fireworks from last night’s Guy Fawke’s celebration, Seattle house party style:

Ah, how I love a sky full of sparkly fireworks! The po-po shut us down but it was a wonderful display while it lasted. I only wish Dean hadn’t been stuck at work- it seemed a particular shame to celebrate without the token Englishman.

After an extended lie-in today (thanks daylight savings!), Dean and I met our friends at Bedlam Coffee for study session. I compiled all my nerdy ‘goals’ lists then rewarded myself with cherry pie and hibiscus tea. Yummm. If only all of life’s undertakings warranted little treats.

This is the first time Dean’s been free to join me so it made study session extra sweet. True, his handsome face is a distraction but, you know, minor inconvenience. ;-)

We actually used to live on the same block as Bedlam but I never knew it was there. Ever since Kristy took me last month, it’s been my favorite coffee house in town. Everything about it is bright, worn in, friendly.

I love all the STUFF they have- the tiny stained glass bat, gumball machines full of toys, monkey art by a string of globes, the ‘madame’ bicycle, and old signs. The study room in the back has even more cool kitsch.

November is off to a great start. The past couple of months have been lots of fun but I need a break from the endless parties and projects. Time for some restful weekends at home…

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