New and Newsworthy (to me)

Hello, Weekend!

Occupy Seattle protested Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s visit: hundreds of people were there, several were pepper sprayed and/or arrested. Don’t forget that today is bank transfer day (lining up nicely with Bonfire Night).
Whacky weather: on the east coast. More than two million lost power from a nor’easter but when I called my mom yesterday, she said it’d already warmed up to the balmy 60s (fahrenheit).
Bed Bug Hotels: warns people from moving into an infested building with tiny bug sized hotel fronts. What a brilliant and big hearted idea!
Dazzling: this sequin graffiti in Iceland.

♥cute animals♥
The Kitten Covers: album covers with cats instead of people! They’re all terrific, but Roxy Music’s Country Life made me smile big time.
The Fluffington Post: AKA my new favorite thing on the internet. It’s an irresistible collection of cute animal photos! The penguins in sweaters kill me.

4 thoughts on “New and Newsworthy (to me)

  1. I just wanted to stop back here and let you know that I’ve gotten more enjoyment out of The Kitten Covers than just about anything I’ve ever seen on the internet. Thanks for sharing it.

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