October leftovers

A few more highlights from Halloween:

The fabulous hosts, dressed for the occasion as the Green Fairy and Nyarlathotep (an HP Lovecraft character, in case, like me, you didn’t know). This is how most of the party looked- dark, cool, and spooky. The house was tricked out with all sorts of decorations and performance lights. Lasers flicked about in a series of neat patterns, a specter-like light shimmered by the table, a projection of scary movies played on the main wall. Even the hallway was lined with strobe lights- which made the walk to the bathroom real scary!

Of course, I couldn’t resist turning on the bright, brash flash and snapping silly photos, so the rest of the party comes out like this:

There were so many great costumes! Some photographed, some not: Lord Stark, plague doctor, escape artist, gypsy, cave troll, hobo, Lemon Meringue, Freddy Krueger (this one was a child, which I thought was way cooler than an adult Freddy would’ve been). Kristy won best costume for Ozma of Oz (perhaps my favorite costume of all time). I was a (non-violent) matador.

At the end, the boys told Alvin Schwartz Scary Stories. Ian did an especially memorable reading ‘Wonderful Sausage’ in the style of a southern gentleman. It came out somewhere between Christopher Walken’s Colonel Angus and Forrest Gump- I cried from laughing.

11 thoughts on “October leftovers

    • Yeah, it seemed like the actors in Midnight in Paris had a lot of fun playing 1920s luminaries- and I was impressed that so many were snuck in or at least mentioned (Djuna Barnes- very cool!)

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