New and Newsworthy (to me)

Black Friday was bananas. I thank my lucky stars I no longer work retail and can avoid the madness. •At Wal-Mart: shopper pepper sprays shopper •Also at Wal-Mart: off duty police pepper spray shoppers •ALSO at Wal-Mart: chaos over $2 waffle makers. Stay safe, shoppers! •WWE cat wrestling: the cutest wrestling ever •The heavyweight squirrel: […]

A Little Late

Hershey Kiss+Nutterbutter+chocolate chip=acorn bites. There are several variations but I think this is the winning combo for optimal cuteness. Two things I’m thankful for today: My mom visiting and The (new) Muppet Movie. Both are such good things! I’d love to write more but I stuffed myself stupid and am now at the mercy of […]

La Conquête du Monde

Nothing says fun like attacking your friends in a 6 hour game of Risk! Talk about a test in geek mettle. Our early on set-up. It’s hard to see but my black armies are in the back with one hell of a stronghold in Australia. A ‘real time’ look at our defeats and Nate’s triumphant […]

New and Newsworthy (to me)

•Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy: announces it will re-register as a political party. •Tacoma Terror: The News Tribune has its fair share of bizarre news but this one is pretty sick. A man with an ax? A dead deer in sunglasses? Yikes. •Pizza is still a vegetable: except it’s not. :( •Paul […]

Success in the Sequin Jungle

The Goodwill Glitter Sale knocked my gd socks off! For anyone unfamiliar, the Glitter Sale is a year’s worth of Seattle’s donated formal wear. Shoppers go mad for the glitz and it’s an excellent way to support Goodwill (all proceeds from the sale go to their job training programs). This year there were about 30,000 […]

Study Session at Cupcake Royale

My early dessert: a candied yam cupcake with toasted marshmallow frosting, a strong cup of Earl Grey. This weekend, I met up with Eric and Nate for ‘study session’ on the hill. I should probably clarify that none of us actually study anything… the name just sorta stuck! It’s a time each Sunday where we […]

New and Newsworthy (to me)

•Silas Potter Jr: accused of conning the Seattle school district out of $250,000. He was caught in Florida and is waiting extradition. •Beware the tapas: in eastern Spain. Some birds could’ve suffered quite badly. :( •‘Kill team’ war criminal: convicted of murdering Afghan civilians. What a psychopath. •Edible spray paint: for golden apples, metallic tea […]

Return to Oz

I’m mere hours away from a midnight screening at the Landmark Egyptian Theater and I can’t wait! Return to Oz is maybe the darkest Disney movie ever and one of my personal favorites. Critics panned it (Siskel and Ebert called it one of the worst movies of 1985) but weird kids like myself continue to […]

Trentemøller at the Showbox

Where we were last Tuesday: Anders Trentemøller Josephine Philip and Mikael Simpson I had the best time! Trentemøller songs are really special- there’s quite a range in mood from track to track but somehow it all feels right in the same set. Dark, minimal numbers transition seamlessly into layered, dramatic ones. They ended the night […]