La Conquête du Monde

Nothing says fun like attacking your friends in a 6 hour game of Risk! Talk about a test in geek mettle. Our early on set-up. It’s hard to see but my black armies are in the back with one hell of a stronghold in Australia. A ‘real time’ look at our defeats and Nate’s triumphant […]

Study Session at Cupcake Royale

My early dessert: a candied yam cupcake with toasted marshmallow frosting, a strong cup of Earl Grey. This weekend, I met up with Eric and Nate for ‘study session’ on the hill. I should probably clarify that none of us actually study anything… the name just sorta stuck! It’s a time each Sunday where we […]

Return to Oz

I’m mere hours away from a midnight screening at the Landmark Egyptian Theater and I can’t wait! Return to Oz is maybe the darkest Disney movie ever and one of my personal favorites. Critics panned it (Siskel and Ebert called it one of the worst movies of 1985) but weird kids like myself continue to […]

October leftovers

A few more highlights from Halloween: The fabulous hosts, dressed for the occasion as the Green Fairy and Nyarlathotep (an HP Lovecraft character, in case, like me, you didn’t know). This is how most of the party looked- dark, cool, and spooky. The house was tricked out with all sorts of decorations and performance lights. […]