Italian Horror Night

Kicked off the Halloween weekend with an Argento/Bava movie night!

Suspiria, 1977: Suzy, an American ballet student, enrolls in a prestigious German dance academy. After a few strange occurrences and the disappearance of her friend, Suzy learns the school is run by a coven of witches. The set design is killer (I want the red brocade walls and stained glass ceiling in my future home… you know, preferably without the candy colored blood). Actually, the colors in the film are fantastic all around- everything manages to look both pretty and menacing. There are loads of fluffy, funny parts but since I’m a big scaredy cat, I spent more time nail biting than laughing. Those shadowy corridors paired with the Goblin soundtrack- holy cow!

Black Sunday (The Mask of Satan), 1960: a glamorous witch/vampire and her lover are put to death by the church. Two centuries later, they are accidentally brought back to life. The opening scene is a lot scarier than I’d anticipated! It’s not too graphic by today’s standards but the mere thought of that spiked mask being hammered on gave me the creeps. Ewww. Barbara Steele does a great job in her two roles as the evil witch and the pious princess. One minute she’s helpless, clutching her crucifix and fainting; the next she’s turning men into her undead slaves. For both, she’s glammed up with some cool cat eye make-up. ;)

Quick note: This was another double feature with my friends and co-workers. My boss had the mother of all bagel bars with more toppings than I knew what to do with: muenster cheese, pate, ham, shrimp, salami, oysters, you-name-it. Bagel paradise.

3 thoughts on “Italian Horror Night

  1. Wow, italian horror and bagel paradise? You have the best movie nights! I haven’t seen Black Sunday but Suspiria suitably terrified me when I watched it for the ifrst time last year. The hands-through-the-window bit creeped me out the most, even though it’s pretty muppet-like!

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