Cat Fight by the Lily Pond!

Over the weekend, we celebrated Kristy’s birthday with a DYNASTY THEMED PARTY. I’m not talking the Tang Dynasty or the House of Tudor (though come to think of it, that would be a super fun party too). I mean the 1980s soap opera with showy clothes, blackmail, burning cabins, and Moldavian wedding massacres. In honor of the infamous pool fight between Alexis and Krystle, we took some hammed up ‘cat fight’ photos. :)

You bitch!
Kristy’s apartment was decked out with gold tablecloths, roses, and plastic champagne flutes (the classiest kind). It was quite extravagant. Here is the birthday girl slapping the bubbly right out of Dave’s hand. Pro-secret: Dean is holding the glass mid-air.

It's not my kind of caviar. I prefer Russian Beluga.
Ian and Jacq face off. Kristy and I are so proud of the Carrington mansion mural we made! It may not rival the Sistine Chapel but for just three short hours it is our crowning achievement. Kristy is a demon with craft paint!

The cabin is on fire! This is all your fault!
I wrongly assumed our male friends, the ones immune to the allure of Joan Collins, wouldn’t be into this. Surprisingly, they were great and threw down by the lily pond like ‘common mud wrestlers’. Haha, Nate and Eric are too tall for our mural.

You've won this round... but the night is still young.
Dean versus Gavin. Or England versus Scotland. Something I didn’t know before: People from the United Kingdom pronounce it dinn-es-tee. ‘Yes, of course,’ said Dean. ‘How would you say it? Die-nasty?’ Tomato/tomahto, Mister.

I love the desk. The tusks - they're so you!
What do you mean you don’t like my pearls?!

Other fabulous things: David’s epic soundtrack for the party (it included Italian scores, Twin Peaks, Breakfast at Tiffany’s… and a slew of classical arrangements), Angela’s fancy church hat, Kristy’s tomato bruschetta, April’s bourbon balls, and the failed stab we took at feathering Nate’s hair.

5 thoughts on “Cat Fight by the Lily Pond!

    • She’s one of my heroes too! During party ‘research’ I came across some gossip sites that said she passed out from wearing a dress that was too tight. I shared this with the fellas at the party who joked it was probably something else but I believe the ‘too tight’ dress rationale. Joan is a soldier of style.

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