Woah Dang.

I’ve been buried under a mess of work this past week or so. I’m not complaining. I like being busy- especially now that Dean has started his 50+ hour holiday weeks. But this coming week I’m setting aside real time for comic books, bubble baths, and hot toddies. ;)

Random news roundup:
There are a lot of great photos and videos of Occupy Seattle but this is one of the best… doesn’t hurt that they picked a good soundtrack.

•Occupy Seattle: still going strong despite several arrests
•Occupy Apple: people lined up like crazy for the iPhone 4S. Here’s Stephen Fry’s review of the new phone

Jarvis Cocker joins Faber as editor-at-large. I laughed at the puns following the article, particularly: ‘he wants to live like comma people, he wants to do whatever comma people do.’ ‘Do You Remember the First Edition?’ and ‘Yeah, the trees, those useless trees produce the books that I am reading.’
Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon separate after 27 years. Sadness.
The Flaming Lips trembling fetus ornament. Their weirdness never fails to delight me. I like the part where Wayne laughs.

cute animals:
Baby hippo! Omigod. Her cute little ears! Also the part she falls ‘kerplop’
Paranoid cat: my cat has similar experiences.

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