Whoops, I meant to say something about this last week.

No surprise, I liked it a lot. It’s a stylish and exciting movie with a fantastic cast. Some personal observations:
1. I cringed as soon as I saw the Driver’s white, satin jacket. The thought (and eventual vision) of it covered in blood hurt my laundress soul. 2. There’s a part where you know almost exactly when someone will get shot but the piercing sound still made me, Dean, and Nate jump. It’s nice not to be the jumpiest person in the theater. 3. I was pleasantly surprised to see the audience was 99% cute, young ladies. Maaaybe they were lured in solely by Ryan Gosling but I like to think they’re just really into cool, ultra-violent movies. This is awesome. (I once had a potential girl friend over to watch Refn’s Pusher trilogy with me and she was NOT a fan.) 4. I love the electro-pop soundtrack. God, it’s good.

Drive reviews that made me smile:
Agent Lover’s one word summary
Lisa Hanawalt’s illustrated response

4 thoughts on “Drive

  1. Loved this movie! The soundtrack is one of my favorite parts of this movie too! Even though I wouldn’t listen to it regularly, it worked perfectly to create a mood for the film. Great review!

    • Thanks! I have to say, I would listen to the soundtrack regularly… driving around in my scorpion jacket, gnashing away on toothpicks, and feeling like a badass.

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