Swish Horror Show Reception at EMP

So, I looove that Kristy’s idea of an optimal girls night out is going to the preview of ‘Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film’. I’m super shy about fancy events but we had a blast!

Mick Garris, Roger Corman, Eli Roth, and John Landis sharing childhood horror movie experiences. I wish I could remember the other gentleman’s name- he had a great story about fashioning a wolfman costume from his mother’s wig and shoe polish. Later on, Eli Roth came over and talked to us which was rad. Of course by ‘talked to us’ I mean he talked about Les Diaboliques with Kristy while I stood there, blushing like a ditzy girly-girl. (My alternate post title is Mad Crushin’ on Eli Roth)

The scream booth. Jacq in action, Kristy and my scream shots. We also had fun playing around with the monster shadow wall.

The museum did a great job showcasing everything- the space is dark so the severe lighting around the props made them look extra eerie. Here’s Jack’s ax from The Shining and Mr. Pointy from Buffy. I didn’t want to embarrass Kristy by taking too many photos but there were lotsa neat things (The Slaughtered Lamb pub sign from An American Werewolf in London, omigod!).

Haha, even though I porked out on the buffet and open bar at EMP (distinctively non-VIP behavior), I made room for late night crepes at Citizen. Kristy and I split two of ’em and each ordered the coffee special called ‘a swift kick in the pants’- perfect, perfect.

3 thoughts on “Swish Horror Show Reception at EMP

  1. Good lord, this sounds like a dream-come-true kind of evening! I watched American Werewofl in London last weekend, with some American visitors…we’d all seen it before but somehow I always forget how perfect it is!

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