New and Newsworthy (to me)

Hello, October.

George Wright arrested: in Portugal, 40 years after escaping a murder sentence in New Jersey on a highjacked plane. Woah.
Found: a bag of severed heads by a Mexican primary school. Reports like this + too many episodes of Breaking Bad= bad dreams
Good hiding spot: A young man climbed 20 feet up a cedar tree to avoid a speeding ticket.
Hiker survives four days: in the desert with a broken leg. He fell in the same canyon Aron Ralston fell into (127 Hours). Good grief, bring a hiking buddy if you’re going to take on this man-hating canyon!

cute animals:
NoNONoNoNO Cat: Actually this is a little sad. :(
Baby pandas: napping in a baby panda nursery- too adorable.

4 thoughts on “New and Newsworthy (to me)

  1. oh my gaaaaa! those baby pandas are stealing my heart away with delight! but agree with ya on the nono’s vid, it is kinda sad. whatever were they doing to make their cat act that way? hmmmm, that’s not a fur friendly parent at all. yours however is rolling in with the love ons : )

    happy weekend Steph!

  2. I read about those heads in the bag, that’s just insane! So glad I’m not a school kid in that area! But baby pandas are always adorable! :)

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