Sweet Teeth & Lucky Wishbones

I painted a few gold and silver dessert plates using the Pebeo Porcelaine metallic paints.*

The designs are fairly simple but I’m pleased with how they came out. (This has to be my first time stippling anything since the ninth grade; I almost forgot the term!)

Hopeful break.

So, you shouldn’t use these paints on surfaces in contact with food. It’s a bummer but easily avoided if you’re painting tea cups. For the plates, I specifically bought clear glass to paint from the underside. Flip the plate over, lay down the shading, slather on the background color last, dry, and bake upside down- easy!

In action with cookies. I sent an ‘in progress’ photo to my mom who thought the wisdom teeth were kinda gnarly and off-putting. Haha- I know they aren’t for everybody. It’s a good thing Dean and I like eatin’ dessert off extracted teeth and broken furculas… Mmmmm.

*I’ve been messing around with the Pebeo paints for the past year and think they totally rule but they are NOT perfect. You have to paint quickly as the paints dry tacky quick. Opaque colors take a few coats to actually be opaque. Last, the markers get clogged up easily- I once bought one that was clogged up from the getgo. Still, these are minor issues and Blick has always been super sweet about exchanging duds. As far as I know, these are the best option for painting dishes at home. :)

6 thoughts on “Sweet Teeth & Lucky Wishbones

  1. Hi, this is Ben from Chestnut Mocha, thanks for the comments on our outfits, we were going to list only Katie’s clothes, then realized that we were both wearing stuff from all over. These are great! I am impressed that you go in reverse and paint the details first and then fill in the background. I like to paint and I am always interested in the way the process of doing it changes depending on the medium you’re using. I could easily become intent on creating custom dinnerware, K and I might have to give this a try!

  2. Hi! Yes, I think it’s very cool that you two do couple outfit posts- I wish more couples did! Painting your own dishes is really fun and relatively inexpensive. Hope you post photos if you give it a whirl.

  3. oh wow!!! I found it and was so impressed but when i decided to comment i ran into Ben’s presence here! hahah so we do have the same opinion i guess – IT”S BRILLIANT! Steph, it’s so great! I really wanna try it, too!

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