4 thoughts on “Butter Paws

  1. hi Steph,

    i’ve just come over after seeing Lisa’s feature with you & Dean riding that crazy awesome dinosaur and couldn’t resist checking your space out after such a fab teaser!!! the words that REALLY got me were “portly cat Schnitzel” – best name ever is what! we’ve got a couple portly ones oursleves ; ) baha! the butter paw licking happened last night, but it was actually butter chicken sauce – yipes. Mylo had gone on a bit of a reconnaissance mission…the results were of benefit to both!

    i love your blog a big bunch, tremendous name for it too lades.your 4 year-month-late (we do that too!) anniversary post was super cute! that card is EPIC! between the food shaped crayons, your fab news features complete with fur baby intro and your stellar personal style i am really diggin’ my stroll around your hood today. we live in Vancouver, BC and get to Seattle a couple times a year, usually stay in Belltown area. it’s one of my faved cities for sure, so lucky you live there! i’ve subscribed to your feed, excited to see more from you guys. happy weekend!

    • Hello!

      Sounds like your cat has a taste for spice. Hope he came out ok from that!

      Ah! I keep meaning to visit Vancouver. We used to live in Belltown, right across from the stretch of bars on 2nd Ave. It was a blast but our building manager needed a taser to keep the some suspect persons at bay. Never a dull moment…

      Your blog looks great too, I’ll have to give it a further read. Thanks for stopping by!

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