Heather’s Organoke Birthday

(I stole the term ‘organoke’ from Gavin- it’s too good!)

Had a ball at Heather’s birthday party. She brought Frances Farmer Organ Karaoke to her living room and gave a number of dazzling performances. This included everything from costume changes, the Charleston, and backing choruses. Yeeeah, Heather is a rockstar… And a wonderful person besides.

Korby Sears, the cheeky organ grinder and genius behind live organ karaoke- which, I promise you, is an experience unlike any other. Best songbook EVER.

Highlights: Keyboard Cleo (World’s Most Complacent Cat)! Kristy’s violently fast version of the Square Pegs theme song which caused the organist’s fingers to bleed (f’real). Heather’s impressive knowledge of Weird Al lyrics. Gavin’s reading of William S. Burrough’s ‘A Thanksgiving Prayer’. Nate and Ian’s Christian Bale freakout. My cowardly request to dance but not sing was indulged; Kristy and I danced around like loons to an organ only version of ‘Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse’ Mmmm, happiness.

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