I Love Woodland Park Zoo

Nate, Dean and I went to the zoo over the weekend! They have a dinosaur part set up right now that is waaay fun. It’s set up like a garden walkway where, instead of little gnome statues, you stumble upon giant, animatronic dinosaurs. They move, the eyes swivel about, the Dilophosaurus sprays water at you! […]

London Riots

Riots have lasted for three days now. We hope all our friends and family over there are safe and this batshit insanity ends soon. Photos on The Guardian of Enfield (Dean’s hometown and where we were last month on vacation): a youth throwing bricks, a man being detained by a bank, the local Sainsbury’s all […]

Deep Fried Accidents

We had some friends over last night for dinner. The menu: deep fried oreos, chicken and waffles, strawberries and cream. Kristy brought over OJ and champagne for mimosas. The original plan was to watch Bottle Rocket while enjoying a variety of heavy, fried foods. Ian was going to show up a little later with his […]

Treats on Sunday

Eric and I met up again on Sunday to work on our respective projects. I was skeptical about meeting at Cupcake Royale, but Eric was right: something about the hot pink decor and pop music is surprisingly conducive to productivity. Don’t ask me how that works… Strawberry Shortcake cupcake- a light, smooth strawberry frosting with […]

Big Questions

Eric, Nate, and I went down to the Georgetown store on Saturday to see Anders Nilsen read from Big Questions. Definitely one of my favorite comics (with some of my favorite covers- omigod). He was nice enough to sign my copy of Monologues for the Coming Plague and draw an Animal for Ian’s sketchbook. (Ian’ll […]