Brunch at the Unicorn

Dean is out of town for a conference so I’m going to spend the week eating all the food he doesn’t like (I love him dearly, but he is the world’s pickiest eater!). This morning I met friends for brunch at The Unicorn. I’d wanted to check this place out for awhile since it’s named after my favorite mythological beast and has bright, brash decor. I’m so glad we went! We were the only early patrons and landed a sweet booth by the window. Our waitress was delightful and the food was delicious.

Looking up at the stipe-y wall behind our table.

Tony gave me a bite of his ‘angry’ benedict with habanero hollandaise- it’s got quite a kick.

My plate of French toast with bananas, brown sugar, and bacon bits. Drowned in syrup. Soooo goood!

Admittedly, I have tacky leanings but I thought the painted tables were genuinely pretty. The overall color palette reminds me of my old Lisa Frank paraphernalia- which is super rad. I also liked our mis-matched coffee mugs, the unicorn headdresses behind the bar, and the compass style design on the floor.

A quick note on the taxidermy: I generally don’t have an issue with vintage taxidermy but some of these were sad to see anyway.

And a quick note on snobbery: I read a couple snarky reviews for this place on Yelp before going (clearly, I was undeterred). I’m a lifelong fan of theme parties, kitsch, and bold colors. If an establishment creates a fun environment for people, there’s no need to assume its aesthetic is overly ‘hip’ or contrived. Back off, Cool Police!

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