Models, Inc. by Paul Tobin

New York Fashion week is approaching and Millie the model has been wrongly accused of murder! Also, one of her model friends is a superhero. Another one is dating a superhero. Another one is Mary Jane Watson. Aaand Tim Gunn gets dressed up as Iron Man.

I had no idea this existed before Kristy clued me in, otherwise I’d have read it sooner (heh- Kristy is the only friend I have who shares my appreciation of Dynasty so I trust her recommendations). Paul Tobin has done a fine job capturing all the things someone like myself loves about shows like Project Runway and wrapped them up in a soap-y mystery. It’s a really fun read. :) I loved the mock-magazine covers, the catty fashion blogger, and the Chili Storm parts (she’s the funniest and coolest character). There’s also an awesome story by Colleen Coover in the third issue where the models face off against fashion-challenged zombies. I was mildly disappointed that the models weren’t drawn in fabulous designer duds but that’s just me being fussy… good stuff overall.

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