I Love Woodland Park Zoo

Nate, Dean and I went to the zoo over the weekend!

They have a dinosaur part set up right now that is waaay fun. It’s set up like a garden walkway where, instead of little gnome statues, you stumble upon giant, animatronic dinosaurs. They move, the eyes swivel about, the Dilophosaurus sprays water at you! Dean nicknamed the Edmontosaurus the ‘Derposaurus’ for having such a goofy expression.

We spent the following four+ hours covering EVERY area of the zoo.

The Komodo Dragon, an animal I am absolutely fascinated with. (The sickest thing I’ve read about them is that they sometimes scare pregnant goats into miscarriage- brutal)

Gray wolves on the Northern Trail, what beauties!

A giraffe grabbing lunch. Of all the environments there, ‘the savanna’ was the nicest- lots of room for the animals to roam.

An Emu in the Australasia area. It started puffing out its plummage and the zoo employee warned us, ‘They have a nasty bite!’

Part of a meerkat clan. They were Dean’s favorites. Up front, were the ones standing tall on lookout but we liked the lazy ones snoozing under the sun lamp.

A restless brown bear. It was really neat to see him this close! I know they aren’t, but sooometimes bears look like big, sleepy cats.

So long, penguins!

7 thoughts on “I Love Woodland Park Zoo

    • I’d never been before and have to admit being really impressed by Seatle’s zoo- I love that most of the animal environments are open air, no cages or sad glass cubicles. I’ve never seen a sun bear but I’d like to!

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