Deep Fried Accidents

We had some friends over last night for dinner. The menu: deep fried oreos, chicken and waffles, strawberries and cream. Kristy brought over OJ and champagne for mimosas.

The original plan was to watch Bottle Rocket while enjoying a variety of heavy, fried foods. Ian was going to show up a little later with his cousin, but he ended up showing much, MUCH later because of a nasty accident to his hand. Nate took Ian to the hospital where they were stuck for hours. Nate came over fairly late. Ian and Trevor (his cousin) surprised everyone by making a last minute appearance around midnight. Poor Ian with his stitched up hand and blood-splattered clothes!

Apart from that though, I think the evening was pretty nice. Everyone seemed in good spirits and the food was super tasty- my only advice about deep fried oreos is to eat them while they’re hot since they are 10x better that way. We’d decided not to watch the movie without Ian and watched a couple episodes of QI instead. Dean came home and we played some You Don’t Know Jack, laughed at internet videos, made a fuss over Schnitzel. At one point, Schnitzel had his paws in Kristy’s shoes (one paw in each shoe!). Haha- it was bizarre, he would not take those shoes off for anything! I have a hunch he planted himself in Kristy’s shoes in hopes she wouldn’t be able to leave him.

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