Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly

What I ate today: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with lemon cake slices instead of bread. Fried in a generous amount of butter until crisp on both sides. Strawberries for good measure. I’m not one for making food as much as I am for EATING food but I found this recipe on Cakespy and […]

Brunch at the Unicorn

Dean is out of town for a conference so I’m going to spend the week eating all the food he doesn’t like (I love him dearly, but he is the world’s pickiest eater!). This morning I met friends for brunch at The Unicorn. I’d wanted to check this place out for awhile since it’s named […]

Muji Cities

We picked up these cards a couple years ago at Muji in London. I looove Muji’s cards and stationery. Details of London and New York Dean’s actually from North London but I had to cheat and pick New York City when I’m really from Upstate. ;-) It makes me smile to think about how Dean […]

Watching the Unwatchable

I’m usually too much of a baby for violent and/or sexually explicit movies but somehow I made it through both Irreversible and Antichrist tonight. Back-to-back. I’m glad Kristy sat next to me through both- I had to look away a lot but she is the world’s most unflinching girl. Antichrist A husband and wife stay […]

End of August Mix

Dean likes to tease that he can predict every song I’m going to play right before I play it. Well, fair enough. I’ve definitely been stuck on the same bands all summer- they just fit. :) You can listen to my mix on 8tracks. Other 8tracks mixes I love: Eric’s ‘Places to Go‘ Nate’s ‘Sushi, […]


Years ago, Schnitzel was caught sitting on another cat’s dinner while he ate his own. After he finished, he turned around and had himself a second dinner, leaving the other cat with nothing. Seriously! He’s usually the world’s most affectionate creature but he does NOT like to share. Suffice it to say, he did not […]

Study Session at Arabica

This morning Eric and I met up for our third ‘study session’ (it’s a silly name since there’s no studying involved but it sounds better than ‘do stuff session’). So far, these have been enormously helpful and lots of fun. :) Coffee at Arabica Lounge- a sunny cafe on the Hill with extraordinarily nice service […]