Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly

What I ate today: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with lemon cake slices instead of bread. Fried in a generous amount of butter until crisp on both sides. Strawberries for good measure. I’m not one for making food as much as I am for EATING food but I found this recipe on Cakespy and […]

End of August Mix

Dean likes to tease that he can predict every song I’m going to play right before I play it. Well, fair enough. I’ve definitely been stuck on the same bands all summer- they just fit. :) You can listen to my mix on 8tracks. Other 8tracks mixes I love: Eric’s ‘Places to Go‘ Nate’s ‘Sushi, […]

Deep Fried Accidents

We had some friends over last night for dinner. The menu: deep fried oreos, chicken and waffles, strawberries and cream. Kristy brought over OJ and champagne for mimosas. The original plan was to watch Bottle Rocket while enjoying a variety of heavy, fried foods. Ian was going to show up a little later with his […]

Treats on Sunday

Eric and I met up again on Sunday to work on our respective projects. I was skeptical about meeting at Cupcake Royale, but Eric was right: something about the hot pink decor and pop music is surprisingly conducive to productivity. Don’t ask me how that works… Strawberry Shortcake cupcake- a light, smooth strawberry frosting with […]

Big Questions

Eric, Nate, and I went down to the Georgetown store on Saturday to see Anders Nilsen read from Big Questions. Definitely one of my favorite comics (with some of my favorite covers- omigod). He was nice enough to sign my copy of Monologues for the Coming Plague and draw an Animal for Ian’s sketchbook. (Ian’ll […]