‘Anybody order a Loveburger? Well done.’

(Yeah, I just quoted Can’t Hardly Wait. There was a time I’d force my friends to watch this with me all the time. That and Amadeus… I was a weird kid.)

Friday night was date night for me ‘n’ Dean. We went to Lunchbox Laboratory.

an extensive selection of seasoning.

We started with the Flux Capicitor mac ‘n’ cheese (creamy, creamy mac with garlic and basil) which we basically inhaled. I ordered the Flyin’ Hawaiian: lamb patty, colby jack, honey cured bacon, onions, pineapple mayo- an exceptional burger, the mayo especially. Dean made his own burger: beef patty, cheddar, small mountain of bacon. Photos do not do it justice; these are the most vertiginous burgers I have ever attempted to eat. Our waitress gave our unfinished plates a knowing look and asked if we were ready for boxes. Haha.

our butterfinger shake. I thought it was real sweet that, without saying anything, the wait staff knew to split one for us. A very happy, sunny dinner.

PS: I’ve been messing around with PictureShow on my iPhone a LOT lately. It’s what I used to edit these and has to be my favorite photo app.

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