London Loves 10: Pulp!

[image from this flickr. This wasn’t quite our view- but this shot is gorgeous and perfectly captures the evening- I love it!]

I still get a rush thinking about how great this show was. Pulp opened with ‘Do You Remember the First Time’ and the crowd broke into a wave of manic jumping and a loud, sloppy sing-a-long. The band performed flawlessly, creating a mood that was both nostalgic and terribly exciting. Smile-worthy things: Jarvis Cocker’s trademark dance moves and interaction with the audience, the lights and streamers, hearing songs live- magic! Dean and I left the park deliriously happy and reckon it might be the best show we’ve ever seen together. Definitely worth sacrificing our would-be 4th of July weekend at home. :)

The set list:
‘Do You Remember The First Time?’
‘Pink Glove’
‘Mile End’
‘Something Changed’
‘Disco 2000’
‘Sorted For E’s & Wizz’
‘I Spy’
‘This Is Hardcore’
‘Bar Italia’
‘Common People’

All of Sunday at Wireless Festival was a blast. We got into Hyde Park just in time to catch The Horrors. They were followed by the Hives (I underestimated these guys- waaaay fun). Then TV On The Radio. Then Grace Jones- who is still a total babe. Her ability to simultaneously sing, dance, and hoola hoop is a marvel.

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