London Loves 9: The Breakfast Club, The Pavilion

On Sunday we went to The Breakfast Club on Artillery Lane for a late and lazy start to what I will have to refer to as ‘Pulp’ Sunday.

I ordered the ‘Ham so Eggsited’ (yes, I was sold on the title). Dean ordered the pancakes with bacon. Maple syrup, not golden.

A generous hill of marshmallows in its own little cup! Sweetest presentation of hot cocoa ever.

I loved all the STUFF in this place (not pictured: the Snoopy lamp, the cage with Bert and a garden gnome…). I really want to check out the decor and curios at the other locations.

The women’s room had My Little Pony wallpaper, which made me think of Selena and her lifelong love of MLP- this has to be her favorite public restroom (if there can be such a thing). The men’s room has The Red Devils. Super rad.
PS: We didn’t get to it but you can make a reservation at The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, the speakeasy in the Breakfast Club. Entrance is through a Smeg fridge.

Our hotel, The Pavilion:

We were in the ‘Better Red Than Dead’ room.

The painting by the window. Surely the pinnacle of the room theme

Details- very nice in my opinion. We were on the top floor of the hotel so our windows looked out at the roofs and chimneys. I will say, this hotel is yet another example of my leanings toward style over substance (when the stay is short). The shower was BATSHIT crazy and the bed was not comfy. You know what I liked though? Everything else. It was clean and I was charmed by the styling. Give me kitsch and character over bland Holiday Inn comfort any day.

Breakfast was waiting outside our door the following morning. A nice touch we weren’t expecting. Frosties, chocolate muffins, croissants, and orange juice. Yes please.

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