London Loves 6: Meeting Bob for Dinner

Out and about in Enfield.
Dean posing with the Enfield creature in front of the public library. He has a real affinity for the Enfield (sorry it’s so glare-y here)- it’s a mix of wolf, fox, eagle, and greyhound. I have an affinity for libraries.

There are a lot of cats slinking around this part of town. I’m glad this was a sweet one. The number of times, I’ve gone to give a feral cat a quick pet… I never learn!

Tony, Dean, and I stopped for refreshments at the Crown and Horseshoes. Yes, that is an extremely green river in front of the building.
A pair of coots, drifting through the green. I think it’s algae, but honestly I have no idea.

We’re guessing Stella Artois cidre will come to the US eventually, but just in case, we drank a lot of it while we could.

We met Bob shortly after for more delicious cider at the Crown and Horseshoes then picked up dinner from Burlingtons
I got a battered cod; Dean got a battered sausage and a saveloy. The men weren’t impressed with their dinner, but I thought mine was delicious. Also, portions are huge!
Here’s Dean presenting the gift of bacon salt- haha- our token from Seattle. Dean regards Bob as a sort of father figure and I can see why they get on so well- they’re both quiet and confident sorts of people, dedicated to work, fans of English Football… I’m glad we had a chance to meet up.

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