London Loves 5: At Home He’s a Tourist

This is our friend Tony (and Space Invader):
What a legend. Dean and Tony have been pals since they were five years old.

We spent a couple days just bumbling around London, drinking, shopping, meeting up with old friends.
I don’t remember what Dean got here, but I’m drinking Fruuli- a sweet, strawberry beer.

Summer Sales were in full swing. I always get excited about department store sales then end up buying little things at full price instead… heh. This time I picked up a Rob Ryan card from Liberty (I’ve loved his work since seeing his cover for The Book of Lost Things– magical stuff) and bobby socks from TopShop (I got another pair for Kristy ‘cos they’re so cute).

Dean treated me to a cupcake from Lola’s with Pimm’s flavored icing. Look- it’s sparkly!

Luke, Selena, and her boyfriend Moose. Dean and I met up with them at Ed’s, an American style diner (errr, with rarebit on the menu). Dean tripped everyone out with his 3DS games.

The next day, Dean and I met up with Tony and wandered around the comic book and video game stores. We ran into all sorts of characters.
Two bananas, just chillin’

I did my best royal wave but her highness was unimpressed. (PS: Dean was not amused.)

Ron English! Didn’t expect to walk by an exhibit of his work, awesome.

A Union Jack ‘magic cake’ from Konditor and Cook
More magic cakes- they are waaay too adorable. Konditor and Cook has several locations; we went to the one in Borough Market. I first read about them here.

And good thing we were in the area because there was FREE ice cream! This was an excellent promotion for a mobile version of Mozilla Firefox. Am I a stooge for throwing that plug out there? Maybe, but Google Chrome sure as hell hasn’t given me ice cream yet.

Here’s Tony doing some London sightseeing. Tony had this idea of going over the Thames bridges and around Parliament as a sort of fake tourist… I sort of wrecked this concept by being an actual tourist- oh dear.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the face of Cool Britannia.


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