London Loves 3: Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales are one of my favorite things. As much as I love gargage sales, estate sales, flea markets, charity shops, dollar stores, etc- I love car boot sales a million times more because they are the best of all of those things in one place. I feel like we went pretty crazy yet hardly spent a dime (errr, the equivalent of a dime… so to speak).

There were some monster car boots this time! We spent hours at this one and still couldn’t get through everybody’s wares. (Yes, we bought the Countdown boardgame.)

Rummage paradise, priced to sell. The comic bins had some interesting stuff.

There was an insane amount of glassware I would’ve bought if I could’ve taken it all back safely. I mentally pieced together at least four dining and entertaining sets- oh, to dream.

Dogs keeping cool under the preserves. This particular day was blistering hot- I’ve still got the tan lines to prove it.

Haha, these guys were actually pretty loud and ornery- I guess boot sales aren’t really their thing.

Dean piecing together a full snooker set- he eventually got it then Jan found him a fancy score board.

We cooled off with a couple of cold ciders at The King and Tinker. The pub is named after a story where King James I was lost from his courtiers and decided to pass the time drinking with a tinker in an alehouse. Cliff says it’s connected to the gunpowder plot.

Here are some of my treasures found at car boot sales, this one and others. I can’t believe I came home with more than one owl tea pot (the one on the left was 50p, nutso!). Jan and Cliff, who are the masters of car boot rummaging, snapped up all the Snoopies for me. They like to look for records, ’50s Rock ‘N’ Roll, and Betty Boops.

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