London Loves 2: Sonic’s Birthday Party

We make no secret of it but let it be known that Dean and I are raging nerds. Our vacation was first and foremost to see family- but we had a couple days specifically for NERDstuffs. My day was seeing Pulp, his was meeting up with his old Sonic the Hedgehog crew. So, we spent a pleasant Saturday at Camden Town Hall for a Sonic the Hedgehog Convention (Sonic’s 20th birthday). We met his friends for lunch then all headed over to the convention. Dean got to chat to one of his favorite writers Nigel Kitching who worked on the UK Sonic comic. I find it enormously cute that so many of Dean’s friends were made through a Sonic chat-room about 15 years ago. :)
The line to get in (it was free but with a maximum capacity) and a guy getting his costume on- he was one of the tamer cosplayers. This is mean but the most memorable cosplayer (it would have been indecent to take a photo) was a guy in an obscenely snug Tails costume. Holy genitals! We laugh now, but we cringed as kids posed with him.
Selena loves My Little Ponies. She asked Dean to bring her some new ponies from the US that wouldn’t be available in England for another few months. That’s ‘Rainbow Dash’ in Sonic’s hand.
Lynne and Dean. Lynne and another friend, Jess, started as fans and now work with Sega- hooray!

Afterwards, Dean and I treated ourselves to ice cream in Camden Town.
Chin Chin Labs is ‘Europe’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour’. It’s outfitted as a labratory with tanks of nitrogen and toppings in beakers. The mix-in process is sooo cool looking!
Our mixer explained that the nitrogen mix creates a smoother, denser ice cream- it totally did. We got the Madagascan Vanilla with salted caramel sauce and toffee bits. Mmmmm.

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