Ballard Day and Gruff Rhys

Eric, Dean, and I spent most of Sunday in Ballard. I’ve recently decided this is my favorite neighborhood in Seattle. It’s like an oasis from the rest of the city with a smattering of Scandinavian history and loads of good bars. The only street people in sight are buskers and there are a lot of cool Vespas zipping around. We grabbed dinner at Hattie’s Hat (omigod, the poutine!), wandered around the docks, then went to see Gruff Rhys.*

Walking around, enjoying the weather:
We don’t know who Hector is but Dean does not like him. Eric thinks he’s ok.

Signs by the docks.

This was my first time at the Tractor Tavern. The decor is sweet, the bartender is generous, and the ventilation/air flow is 100x better than any other small venue in the city.

Y Niwl, opening with surf rock. They were excellent and I like that their song titles are numbers.

Gruff Rhys, playing an upside-down right-handed guitar

“This song is dedicated to the phony archaeologist in the back.”

This show was INCREDIBLE. Gruff Rhys is one of the most interesting and underrated musicians working today. The show ended on ‘Skylon’ and it was perfect.

My favorite songs off of Hotel Shampoo: ‘Shark Ridden Waters’, ‘Sensations in the Dark‘, ‘Christopher Columbus’, ‘Space Dust #2’, ‘If We Were Words (We Would Rhyme)’

*We saw him walking around before the show. He’s the only guy I’ve ever seen donning a giant parka and knitted hat in 70 degree weather. None of us stopped him though- too shy.

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