China Miéville and cephalopods

Verse Chapter Verse, The Stranger’s music/reading series was this past Saturday at Chop Suey. If this isn’t the sort of thing that happens in every city, it should- books and bands make an excellent combo!

The event opened with a few songs by Tomten, a local Seattle band. I liked them quite a bit- enough to check ’em out again. I do have a weakness for bands that feature an organ…

China Miéville read from his new book Embassytown then answered questions from Paul Constant and the audience. A few observations: Miéville was much more engaging and joke-y than I’d have guessed, very nice. He was game to discuss every question or comment presented to him- including a long list of things he deemed ‘toxic shit’ such as Quentin Tarantino and 30 Rock (I’m into all that toxic shit but the colorful tirade against it was fantastic). Oh, and he has a seriously badass tattoo of a skull-headed octopus on his arm.

The crowd was loud and fun- no one wasted time with boring, generic questions and, while it may have been the unique nature of the event, I like to think China Miéville is cheered on like a rock star wherever he goes.

My best friend James sent me a copy of Miéville’s YA novel Un Lun Dun a few years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since. I recently finished Kraken which (go figure) I thought was real good. This is the sort of author I have trouble articulating anything beyond, ‘this is soooo awesome!’ so I’ll just say Kraken was sillier than some of his other work but still wildly imaginative with the plot and cast of characters. My favorite character is Collingswood, a foul-mouthed member of the cult squad. Her creative swears kill me (‘cuntbandit’ is particularly inspired- just typing it makes me smile).

2 thoughts on “China Miéville and cephalopods

    • There are some pretty funny Star Trek jokes in there (among other things)- I highly recommend it. Hope you like it as much as I did!

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