Dinosaur Tea Set

Q. How do you call a dinosaur in for tea?
A. Tea, Rex!

My dinosaur tea set: brachiosaurus, spinosaurus, parasaurolophus, stegosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex.

In action!

This project was a lot of fun! The cups, creamer, and sugar bowl are from Value Village (less than 50 cents a piece- heck yeah!). I painted on the dinosaurs with Pebeo Porcelaine 150s and baked them in my home oven. There are a lot of complaints for these products, but if you’re patient and don’t mind repeatedly cleaning up the marker’s unwieldy lines, they work well. I’m already cooking up ideas for plates…

PS: Dean hates that ‘Tea, Rex’ joke. He picks on me ‘cos I first read it in an interview with (notoriously unfunny) Gordon Brown.
PPS: I’m really into these paints right now. If you live in Seattle and want me to paint something for you, I will do it gratis! Just give me a blank ceramic that can go in the oven. <–Sorry, this offer is now closed.

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