I Love the Seattle Cheese Festival!

But I have to admit Dean loves it more than I do. Usually he’s the calm, level-headed one but he loves cheese like nobody’s business.

Last year, we went on a Sunday and made SEVERAL trips (it helps that we’re in walking distance to Pike Place Market). It was a sweet time to go since the cheeses were steeply discounted for the end of the festival, but it was a bummer because a lot of our favorites had sold out. This year, we decided not to fuck around and headed down early this morning when things kicked off. It was sooo worth it! The sun was shining, the lines stayed small ’til about noon, and we had a blast hanging out with friends. We left satisfied, our bags heavy with cheese.

Dean (happiest fella in town) and our friend Will with the first of their many samples.

Eric shows off a variety. Heck yeah, cheeses!

I have left the physical plane and entered Free Cheese Heaven.

Sierra Nevada’s spread of jacks

Parrano’s amazing blend of Parmesan and Gouda

Pristine domes of Samish Bay Ladysmith cheese. Dean grew up on Ladysmith Road, so we think it’s rad that there’s a delicious, soft cheese of the same name.

Cheese exhibitors from Sartori (Dean’s favorite this time), Black Sheep Creamery (their Rosemary Garlic spread is to die for), and Beecher’s (not technically part of the showcase but always there and always great. Will and Dean held out their hands as though receiving communion wafers).

And the dogs. I loved all the dogs at the market, scrabbling underfoot in hopes of dropped goodies. They were so precious!

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