Kills day

So this past Monday, a film crew came to the office. Apparently, we’re one of the coolest companies in the country to work for (something I’ve known for awhile)! The crew seemed very professional but I like to think the sight of Ian in his bright red long johns made them smile.

Ha! Eric and Ian decided to play ‘Land Down Under’ by Men at Work, TWICE, for the benefit of our fancy visitors.

Kristy, Dean, and I met Sarah and her family for dinner. We ate at the Crab Pot, where I’ve always wanted to go. I had to refrain from ordering the sea feast (it looks delicious but intimidating- the sort of thing I’d need the rest of the evening to recover from). It was something of a goodbye dinner since Sarah, Zac, and their kids are moving back to New York.

Here’s wishing you guys all the best!

And then we went and saw the Kills, who were awesome. The chemistry between those two is incredible, especially when they get in each others space: Alison Mosshart with her messy hair and gravelly growl, Jamie Hince with his cool stare. Dean gave me a smirk when Jamie said, ‘Ever get to New York? It’s got nothin’ on Seattle.’ We’ve seen the Kills three times now and we always have so much fun! Last night they played at the Showbox (sold out and jam-packed) in front of a leopard print, starlit backdrop. The lights turned the crowd purple. We danced as much as possible (Kristy doesn’t like when people take her picture, but she was wearing the coolest gold dress!).

There was a no camera policy so I nabbed a photo from here. They played about half the songs off of Blood Pressures, mixed in well with their older stuff, and a good encore

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