My viewing party seems split on Thor, but I think it totally rules. Asgard is beautifully depicted- shiny and gilded but clean and uncomplicated (not unlike our title character). The battles are thrilling, particularly the first against the Frost Giants and the final showdown on Bifrost Bridge. In contrast, Earth is dull and dusty, but time there is well spent with man-out-of-time jokes… which are actually really funny. I even liked Thor’s romance with serious scientist/girly-girl Jane (Natalie Portman). The entire cast is stellar but Tom Hiddleston as Loki really stole the show for me. He added a lot of complexity and emotion to the role…. all while donning an insane looking helmet. You just don’t expect that in a fatty, Marvel movie.

A quick note on Kenneth Branagh: It’s a wholly separate thing from his directing, but I’ve really warmed up to him since watching Wallander.

And this made me laugh:
Heather: Chris Hemsworth must’ve used steroids to get that big. He was way scrawnier on Home and Away.
Dave: Well, no man is as big as they are for a Marvel movie. Look at Chris Evans, he got huge!

3 thoughts on “Thor

  1. Cannot wait to see this….I planned an opening day viewing of it for about a year and then of course a few weeks before it comes out, I realize I’m in Thailand during that time….soooooo sad. I could see it in Thailand, but I figure the Thai subtitles would be too distracting…….On a side note, Captain America TFA will complete a large portion of my life.

  2. The added strangeness of seeing Thor in a foreign country might be kinda neat! Either way, I hope you think it’s as rad as I do. :)

    Captain America looks great. I’ve actually never read ANY of the comics but I like Ed Brubaker so I might give his run a shot before July. Yay, movie season!

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