Chace’s Pancake Corral

This is, hands down, the best pancake house I’ve ever been to. It’s slightly hidden so the fact that I first spotted it by chance on the way to Bellevue makes it extra-special. Chace’s opened over fifty years ago and you get the impression they’ve kept it largely unchanged- it’s so charming and homey (family […]

Pub Quiz

This is my pub trivia team. We are a juggernaut of nerd knowledge! Strong points: comics, cover songs, musicals, wordplay. Weak points: chemistry, sports (except for cricket), the song ‘Gin and Juice’ (there was an entire round on this song). Gavin is holding absinthe mints, a prize for knowing the email question. We change our […]

Ice Cream for Dinner

Last night, Dean and I stayed in for ice cream and TV- my two greatest vices. Right now, we’re hooked on Game of Thrones, Sherlock (BBC), and Wallander (BBC). Can I just say I totally love my boyfriend? I think it’s the sweetest thing that we were going to choose one pint of ice cream […]

Bonjour Tristesse

Based on the novel by Francoise Sagan, Bonjour Tristesse is about a hedonistic teenage girl, Cécile, and her playboy father, Raymond. In a bit of a soap opera, Cécile ends up sabotaging the relationship between her father and his fiance. I lovelovelove the style of this movie. It is spectacular- from the painted tears in […]

Kills day

So this past Monday, a film crew came to the office. Apparently, we’re one of the coolest companies in the country to work for (something I’ve known for awhile)! The crew seemed very professional but I like to think the sight of Ian in his bright red long johns made them smile. Ha! Eric and […]


My viewing party seems split on Thor, but I think it totally rules. Asgard is beautifully depicted- shiny and gilded but clean and uncomplicated (not unlike our title character). The battles are thrilling, particularly the first against the Frost Giants and the final showdown on Bifrost Bridge. In contrast, Earth is dull and dusty, but […]