Shuffle off to Buffalo, part 5

On the last night, we went out for dessert at Antoinette’s. One of my earliest childhood memories is of a colossal, chocolate unicorn from here; it was so impressive I didn’t want to eat it! They have a staggering selection of chocolate figurines this time of year: hens, bulldogs, owls, loads of different bunnies. It seems like every city should have a shop like this but I’ve haven’t been able to find anything that compares.

Mom and Aunt Barb split a Neapolitan sundae with hot fudge, nuts, and bananas (hidden at the bottom). Dean and I got milkshakes, orange cream and mint pineapple respectively.

We picked up some Easter chocolates for ourselves, sponge candy and Buffalo nickels for our friends in Seattle (‘sponge candy’ is specific to the Buffalo area but variations exist around the world. My co-worker, Martin, tells me it’s called ‘violet crumble’ in Australia- neat!).

I usually get the blues coming back to Seattle from a trip but not this time. It was wonderful to get out of town and see family but when it was over, we were happy to head home. I guess that’s how vacations are supposed to be.

A view of the mountains from our plane window, about 70 miles outside of Seatac.

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