Dressed to Kill

Ah, the last from my Michael Caine marathon list. Angie Dickinson plays a doe-eyed desperate housewife. She is brutally murdered in an elevator after having casual sex with a stranger. The crime is witnessed by a high end prostitute named Liz (Nancy Allen) who catches the killer with the help of Peter (Angie’s science whiz son, played by Keith Gordon). The only criticism I might make is that transgender people are portrayed in an extremely negative light for the sake of explaining a motive that I don’t really think needs an explanation… Otherwise, Dressed to Kill is damn near perfect. Angie Dickinson is awesome- her scene with the stranger in the art gallery is exceptionally filmed. Dennis Franz is hilarious as a NYC cop clown. I even enjoyed the cheesy pairing of Liz and Peter as unlikely crime solvers. But most of all, I thought this was an incredible dual role by Michael Caine. Wow!

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